Indonesia Tours - Indonesia, here it is one of the world paradises which very beautiful and awesome. It is a place where you’ll find many things in this beautiful green archipelago that is also called as an “Emerald of the Equator”. It is an adorable state with the charm of the natural and cultural diversities, combined by the friendly society and can give a deep impression for anyone who visits it.

Jakarta is the capital city of its archipelago, located on the Northern coast of the west part of Java Island. It becomes a center of the government, business and financial. It is a big city, a modern metropolitan city with the population of 9 million peoples. Now, Jakarta becomes a place of the cultural-mixing of all ethnic groups from all over Indonesia.

The other big cities in Indonesia are Bali, Bandung, Makassar, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. They are connected by a national or international flight. There are some regular airplanes that can take you to the cities in Indonesia or the remote islands where you can start an exploration and tour in this world paradise.

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago state in the world with a total of 17.508 islands. It consists of 5 major islands and 30 groups of small islands. The archipelago is made up of a mountainous stretching from the West to the East, crossed by the Equator line and located between two continents that are Australia and Asia Continent, as well as surrounded by the Indian and Pasific Ocean. Its location place Indonesia in a strategic area in the world.

With thousand islands spread out along 5.120 kilometers, the Indonesia territory is consisting of 30 % of lands, and 70% of the oceans. Those big territories make Indonesia is as wide as USA territory or has as equivalent as the distance between London and Moscow.  

Some famous islands in Indonesia are Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluk and Papua. Each island has a lot of cultural uniqueness, customs, beliefs, foods, historical stories, and the beauty of natural landscapes that can make anyone feel amazed.

Indonesia has a population that more than 235 million people or it is the 4th densest country in the world. It consists of at least 350 ethnic groups with 483 languages and cultures. The society is living side by side harmoniously. The majority of the citizen are Moslems and well-known because of the number of so many mosques.

Nowadays, Indonesia is the 3th biggest democratic state in the world. International community has known Indonesia country because of its moderation and toleration. Indonesia is recognized by the world communities as a country that has been successful to overcome the conflict of religious and racial differences.

Since some centuries ago, Indonesia territory was visited by various nations such as India, China, Arabic and Persian.  They left cultural heritages that still can be enjoyed now. Then, some European nations and Japan came to this country they are Portugal, Spain, England, Netherland and Japan. They were tempted by the extraordinary wealth of this country, then managed to build colonial rule and occupation.

Indonesia is a nation with a high-class art taste. Religious ceremonies and ritual are almost available in all over regions and making a unique temptation by the tourists. Some goods of traditional handicraft such as the shining jewels, gold and silvers can be found easily in Indonesia. If you are interested, you can buy the local goods that are sold in the traditional market and on the roadside, of course you can show your bargaining skill. There are so many creative handicrafts that can be the right and memorable souvenirs for peoples who are waiting for your travel’s story. 

Don’t forget to taste various good flavored-culinary in a food stand in the roadside or in the famous international restaurants. You can also shop while taking home the exclusive souvenirs from a certain region. Find also 327 types of Indonesian original textiles, such as Batik, Songket,
Wave cloth and many more which made from the silk or cotton with a typical design of a traditional and modern region.

Whatever your passion, please start getting ready for a nature holidays or a marine tourism that can give you a memorable private experience. If you want to take a pleasure trip to the small islands in this archipelago, it’ll be a special experience that much more fun, because of still many unexplored and unnamed islands. You’ll be amazed when you’re surfing in the undulating wave or diving to the depth of the blue ocean, soaring up mountain scenery, waterfalls, and the cool tropical forests. Well, how about you try to swim with Dugong, dolphins or a big Mantaray?

Indonesia is blessed by a beautiful nature, start from the fertile rice fields in the Java and the typical rice fields’ terraces in Bali with the exotic culture. There are many luxurious tropical rainforests in the Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, or unlimited wide in the Nusa Tenggara’s savannah. 

Indonesia hides a fabulous marine wealth. It is estimated that the width of the coral reefs in the world is 284.300 km2. This nation has approximately 18% of the world’s coral reef with the highest biological biodiversity is more than 2.500 species of fish, 590 species of the coral reefs, 2.500 species of Molluscs and 1500 species of crustaceans. In this nation also has been found the pre-historical fish named “Coelacanth” in the North Sulawesi. There are also a hundred species of adorable fish and corals. Meanwhile, in the Sumatera Island is also found a fish named Paedocypris progeneticaini with the size is as big as a mosquito and the length of 7,9 mm.

Various species of flora and fauna live in Indonesia land, start from the giant Komodo from the pre-historical period that is known as the biggest lizard species in the world and living in the Komodo Island, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Gili Dasami in the Nusa Tenggara. Indonesia also becomes a country that has the largest shark species in the world with the total of 150 species of shark, one of them is the spotted-shark. There are also Orangutan in Kalimantan, one-horned rhino in Java, Anoa in Sulawesi, dwarf buffalo, beautiful crested parrots, there are also birds of paradise in Papua which reflect the attractiveness of an untouched island.

Indonesia is also a habitat for the Rafflesia Arnold, the biggest flower in the world that lives in Bengkulu. It also has the biggest orchids’ biodiversity in the world with the total of six million species of orchid start from the biggest one is Tiger Orchids (Grammatophyllum speciosum) till the smallest one that is a leafless Taeniophyllum, include the rare black orchid and only be found in Kalimantan and Papua. Indonesia also has many kinds of spices, aromatic woods and fruits.

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