Do you have a plan a vacation or Traveling to Bandung Indonesia? Here's a brief review of a selection of the best Bandung Indonesia tour packages. Bandung holiday packages presents nature tours, shopping and culinary tour and a few other interesting tours.

Bandung, West Java is still a magnet for many tourist attractions. Bandung has a variety of interesting tourist destinations to visit. In addition, Bandung also has a wealth of natural and cultural diversity; ancient and modern culture.

Bandung tour package 2 days, you can enjoy sensational vacation by visiting the city of Bandung. This short trip will give a lasting impression because you will be invited to tour the Island while enjoying views of the city that offers cultural diversity, tourist attractions and shopping fun. If you have a longer time to holiday in Bandung. You can enjoy a shopping tour by visiting the various factory outlets scattered along Cihampelas Street and in the city with a very cool atmosphere.

Here's some favorite destinations for holidays of Bandung :

City Tour Bandung
Bandung has become the main goal of enjoying a holiday weekend, especially from the community that comes from the surrounding Jakarta. In addition to being a tourist shopping city, Bandung is also known by a number of large long-styled buildings, relics of the Netherlands, among others, the building now serves as the Office of the Sate Government of West Java province, the building which is now the Pakuan residency official Governor of West Java province, the Dual color or Indische Pensioenfonds, Villa Isola. Bandung city also has some public space art such as museums, theatres and galleries such as Gedung Merdeka, where the high level Conference of the Asia-Africa in 1955, Sri Baduga Museum, Museum of the geology Museum in Bandung, the divine, Museum of Barley (Read.... Bandung Meeting Package).

Lembang Tour
Lembang is a village in the District of Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The Valley is also the name of one of the famous Highlands region in Indonesia.

Ciwidey Tour
Ciwidey cool nature panorama features and natural. The area to the South of Bandung is also famous as a tourist destination of pilgrimage. But, not only is it a lot of fun tours and activities you can do in Ciwidey village.

Destinations become more value in the eyes of a tourist. Indonesia Travel site alerts you, Thursday (7/6/2012), Situ Patenggang Ranca Upas, Deer Breeding, Natural Hot Spring Cimangu, mount Patuha, Cibuni Crater, Walini tea garden, and White Crater is an area that is never to be missed. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Crater white, never escaped the attention of tourists. The lake water is greenish white in contrast with white limestone hills which encircles the Lake. In addition, Ciwidey also got a Crater Cibuni.

Trip To Tangkuban Perahu
Mount tangkuban perahu. If it feels incomplete to Bandung kok ndak Tangkuban Perahu, drop in to an existing natural attractions in North Bandung. This beautiful mountain called Tangkuban Perahu, are indeed judging from afar like really with the boat upside down. According to legend the Sundanese, this is the legacy of Sangkuriang.

Visit Saung Angklung Udjo
Saung Angklung Udjo believes that harmonic relation is symbiosis mutualism which creates smile, warmth inside heart, and certifiable effort based on credibility for fulfilling the corporation goals. For achieving relation based on stakeholder confident and company credibility, Research and Development Division commit in doing its function to expand and maintaining profits and costumer growth as best dedication for creates platform of harmonic mutualism.

Some of profits and customer growth type and programs which are developing through a few decades before was giving opportunity to business related and stakeholder for ordering bamboo music-crafts and its material supports, supplied the main materials for the craft, creates melting-pot for trainer and trainee focusing training on product qualities such as how to make and how to keep and maintaining it.

Obsevatorium Bosscha. The oldest Observatory in Indonesia dating back to 1923. Commonly referred to by local people as Sterwah.

There are still many interesting tourist destinations in Bandung are interesting to visit. However Bandung tour packages usually come by these places.

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